How furniture can boost your hybrid working experience

How furniture can boost your hybrid working experience

The hybrid working world is here to stay meaning the fixed environments we all know so well must now become agile, user friendly and offer choice to employees. These are the new office furniture trends that can help enhance and enable your hybrid working experience.

There is now an increasing need to divide up space as working landscape that is too open, where sightlines travel the length of an entire floor plate can be psychologically tiring. Using shelving modules, soft panels or mobile walls can be a great way to divide up space. Moveable elements such as these allow for future change making them a practical addition to a workspace. By dividing up a space, opportunities are created to embrace a more intimate environment, similar to that of a working from home environment - something that we have all grown used to.


When it comes to creating choice there are some key furniture features that can boost personalisation levels within the workspace. Desks with adjustable height features are a simple and effective investment which give employees an opportunity to work standing or seated. Providing a desk with a lockable drawer is another great investment for the workspace, allowing hybrid workers to feel safe about leaving belongings in the office helping to promote a seamless home - work life. These small additions can have a big impact on user satisfaction, each adjustment reminds the employee of their control and ownership of how and where they work.



The surge in portable technology to facilitate hybrid working has made working anywhere easier than ever. To make this as smooth as possible investing in casual furniture with the intention of it being used as a functional is a great way to add choice to the workplace. For example, tablet armed lounge chairs with built in connectivity ports make a great alternative workspace to a desk and would add to the choice of movement within the office environment.


Finally, decorative home comforts, such as floor lamps, planters and throw pillows have the potential to make employees feel comfortable. These aren't necessarily essential to a working environment but can add value to a company's culture and values which in turn can help build a positive environment to build a trusting hybrid experience.


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