An interview with our new Platfform Director Carol Deruy

An interview with our new Platfform Director Carol Deruy

We have news. After over 10 years working at Workplace Futures Group furniture division (before it became Platfform!) we are so pleased to say that Carol Deruy has been promoted to Director of Platfform. We sat down with her over a virtual coffee to find out what she has in store for Platfform in her new exciting role moving forward.

You have been in the furniture and design and build industry for most of your career, how did you first start out? 

 I have been in the design and build and furniture industry for over 15 years now! I started in the UK in the lighting industry after a short French career managing a small object design firm, following my interior design degree.  

How does it feel to now be a Director at Platfform? 

 I have never been a big title chaser but the recognition and acknowledgement of my works feels really nice 

How has Platfform changed since you joined?  

Well, well, well… at the very beginning it was two of us, then it was three, then four and eventually Stuart Young joined as our Managing Director and our work life became a bit more structured. Working alongside Stuart has definitely helped me grow as a manager.  

Biggest achievement to date?  

Number one would have to be not quitting when it was tough!! Number two is helping to deliver so many amazing projects over the years, with a lot of clients coming back to us because of the strong relationships myself and the team have formed with them. 

What are you looking forward to in your new role? 

Learning to be a better manager. 

What plans do you have for Platfform?  

As a business, we are always looking to improve how we deliver projects and I will be aiming to further improve our processes so we can be the best at what we do as we continue to grow in the coming years. 

What is your favourite thing about working at Platfform?  

The Team. I love the energy and the individuals that make up team Platfform. We are an incredibly close team and we have the same work ethic which is highly important to me. We support and help each other on all fronts and we have enough flexibility in our roles so we all complement each other well.